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Pinar De Campoverde

A small, friendly village located at the foot of the Sierra de Escalona mountain range, nine kilometres from Pilar de la Horadada, in the province of Alicante, Spain. The town has around 3000 inhabitants and is ten kilometres from the magnificent Mediterranean coastline.

The town has only developed since the mid 1980s when many British, German, French and Scandinavian expatriates settled in villas. Originally, the area had been a large pine forest, next to the Río Seco river and had little agricultural importance until much of the wooded area was cleared for orange and lemon groves. The name Pinar de Campoverde or Pinar de Campo Verde derives from the fact that the area was once pine woodland (Pinar) and its impression on its first residents was a ‘green field’ (Campo Verde)



Since the recent advent of tourism, expatriates, mainly from the United Kingdom and other european countries, have integrated prefectly with the local Spanish community.

The traditional centre of the town is based on the two kilometre long Avenida del Pino which runs from the main Pilar de la Horadada-Orihuela road to the municipal sports facility(Polideportivo) at the Río Seco.

This strip has numerous bars and restaurants serving food and drinks to suit all tastes, a municipal swimming pool, estate agents and shops. The ‘New’ area, located to the west of the village has been in construction since the late nineties.

Every street and avenue in the village takes its name from a plant, herb or horticultural zone. Examples include Calle Bosque (Forest Street), Calle Lavanda (Lavander Street), Calle Melocotonero (Peach Tree Street) and Calle Abedul (Birch Street).