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TORRE DE LA HORADADA: The beaches of Torre de la Horadada stretch for about 5 kilometres and while fairly narrow consist of fine white sand and are mostly safe and clean, the two most popular beaches at Las Higuericas and Mil Palmeras both have " Blue Flag"status.

 Also; Visit the 15th century watchtower, the archaeological ruins of Thiar ( remaind of old Roman Town which stood on the via Augusta.).



LOCATION; Vega Baja district, Alicante province, Comunidad de Valencia Spain.

Municipal Area; 78.60km2.

The area: Pilar de la Horadada is located on the costa Blanca coastline between Torrevieja and San Javier, 10 minutes drive from Murcia ( San Javier) airport and about 50 minutes from Alicante Airport.

Lo Romero Golf: Set  in an amazing location in Pilar de La Horadada, Alicante, it is within easy reach of both Alicante and San Javier Airport, Lo Romero Golf is a wonderful 18 Hole Golf course, with a variety of holes around the previuos landscape, giving some expectacular views out to the sea. Lo Romero Golf boasts possibly one of the most challenging holes on the Costa Blanca.

PINAR DE CAMPOVERDE: ( Pine Forest in/of the Green Field literally)

A small village located at the foot of the Sierra de Escalona mountain range, nine kilometres from Pilar de la Horadada borough council, in the province of Alicante, Spain. The town has around 3000 inhabitants and is ten kilometres from the Mediterranean coastline.

The town has only developed since the mid 1980s when many British, German, French and Scandinavian expatriates settled in villas. Originally, the area had been a large pine forest, next to the Río Seco river and had little agricultural importance until much of the wooded area was cleared for orange and lemon groves. The name Pinar de Campoverde or Pinar de Campo Verde derives from the fact that the area was once pine woodland (Pinar) and its impression on its first residents was a 'green field' (Campo Verde)

Since the recent advent of tourism, the majority of the population are expatriates, mainly from the United Kingdom and Germany. The traditional centre of the town is based on the two kilometre long Avenida del Pino which runs from the main Pilar de la Horadada-Orihuela road to the municipal sports fields (Polideportivo) at the Río Seco. This strip has numerous bars and restaurants, a municipal swimming pool, estate agents and shops. The 'New' area, located to the west of the village has been in construction since the late nineties and is almost exclusively inhabited by foreigners (although a few Spanish families do live amongst them).

Every street and avenue in the village takes its name from a plant, herb or horticultural zone. Examples include Calle Bosque (Forest Street), Calle Lavanda (Lavander Street), Calle Meloncotonero (Peach Tree Street) and Calle Abedul (Birch Street).          

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Regal Estates is a family owned business where all members have been through the process of purchasing a property in Spain. As experienced professionals we understand and know how the purchasing process can be confusing for clients in a foreign country.

It is our task to make sure that the process for you is as smooth as possible with full explanations given to all your questions.

We act as your advisors and try to offer the right property to you, to finding your new / resale dream home in the sun.

We will assist you during the purchasing process with co-operation from lawyers, Bank Managers and other professionals you may need for the smooth transaction to make your dream become reality.


 We believe in bad times, quality holds its value. In good times, quality increases in value. It's as simple as that. If you buy quality, you should certainly conserve your capital and are sure of an increased value over a period of time. “




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